Foshan shengbaoda underwear industry co., ltd

Country/Region: China

Founded in 2000, this family-owned business is a manufacturing specialist for lingerie and intimates. The company employs 250 people and reports around $9 million in sales. The vertically integrated structure produces 3 million pieces yearly. It owns two factories in Shantou City and Foshan City. Equipment includes 180 sewing machines, and storage capacity is 200,000 pieces.

Foshan Shengbaoda Underwear Industry can produce all kinds of women intimates using clients’ designs. The company also presents its own collections which include a large range of designs targeting retailers and retail chains. New designs are introduced four times a year.

The company offers very competitive prices and is committed to responsible manufacturing methods. Export accounts for 40 percent of sales. Foshan Shengbaoda Underwear Industry currently sells around 2.8 million articles yearly. Clients include Manjieer, Mjseyle, Sanfu.

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