meet with ASAHI KASEI

30 January 2019

ASAHI KASEI aim to improve the operations as a trading company by integrating the human resources and accumulated data and knowhow, etc. of the three companies, not only to standardize and further develop each of their business domains (mainly processing and sales of fiber, chemical products, plastic products, and construction materials), but also to proactively promote new areas of business.

Their latest innovation is Finex and JQ Free Cut. Finex is double construction knit. It is a specially structured stretch fabric created by using Roica to interlock an inner and outer layer of fabric. JQ Free Cut feature is good stretch, very thin and clearly construction. To contribute to sustainability, they produce Roica EF and Botanical Dye yarn. Roica EF is the world’s first recycled, eco-friendly stretch yarn certified according to the Global Recycle Standard (GRS). Botanical Dye Yarn : Utilizing natural plant extracts from fruit, flower, and grass, the colors of nature are expressed in a natural fabric consists of Tencel or organic cotton.

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