Smart Badge Solution


Since 2017, Interfiliere Hong Kong has open the GALLERY. The only Interfiliere Showroom in the world giving you access to 500+ samples from our exhibitors.
In order for you to enjoy your visit and collect information about the exhibitors and their samples, we provide a SMART BADGE SOLUTION powered by Konduko.

What is the Smart badge?

Your visitor badge or ebadge becomes a virtual note book. Enjoy your free hands to discover, touch and feel the samples of each exhibitors, tap your badge or ebadge on the reader if you want to collect the information about the company and the samples. At the end of each day, you will receive your Daily Digest, an email with all the information you have collected during the day.

No spamming! You will only receive the exhibitors’ information you are interested in.

Terms & Conditions:
When your tap your badge to collect information, you authorize us to share your contact details with the exhibitors.
If you do not wish to share your contact information with the exhibitors but still want to collect the exhibitors’ information. Please send us an email at [email protected] 


Pre-register for the show, receive your email confirmation and print your ebadge.
contact us, to request your ebadge


Collect your chip at the Smart badge counter


Look for the readers!


Tap the reader with your Smart badge, wait for the bip and the blue light to show.
Information is collected!


Receive your Daily Digest (sent from Konduko) with all the information you have collected directly in your inbox.
Make sure to check your spam box and if you did not receive it, let us know at [email protected]

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